The Legal Basis

The main provisions of the relevant documents of the European Commission and European Council on the Global Approach enabling to create preconditions for the establishment of agreements on the mutual recognition of the results of the activities of conformity assessment bodies are adopted in the Law on the Conformity Assessment of the Republic of Lithuania. The Law was approved by the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania at 6 October 1998 (New version from 05/01/2021: No. XIV-31, 2020-12-03, published in TAR 12-15-2020, i. k. 2020-27336).


The Law covers regulated and non-regulated sectors and includes accreditation, testing, certification, inspection, supplier’s declaration. The Law defines the structure of conformity assessment system, subjects of conformity assessment, functions of the participants of the system and their responsibilities as well as another issues.

Last updated: 21-02-2023