Conformity Assessment

Testing, calibration, examination, inspection, certification and verification services, delivered by accredited bodies (CABs), are collectively known as conformity assessment activities.

Acting as authoritative and impartial entities, national accreditation bodies (NABs) evaluate competence of laboratories, inspection and certification bodies.

NABs guarantee credibility of conformity assessment and reliability of certificates and reports.

Conformity assessment services delivered under accreditation confirm that products and services comply with established requirements – standards and other relevant specifications.

The conformity assessment system is structured in order to give assurance to the public and boost business competitiveness.

In Europe, the conformity assessment system has been improved by the European Commission so as to increase confidence of regulators, businesses and consumers, and to guarantee free movement within the market of goods and services, offering a high level of health protection and safety for consumers and the environment.

All groups of society are involved in ensuring confidence in the products and services put on the market: governments, businesses, clients and end-users.

Last updated: 21-02-2023