Impartiality is a core value of Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau (LA), which underpins all accreditation activities. LA’s legal status, structure and separation of tasks and functions from other governmental authorities set a background to operate in a transparent, objective and impartial manner. As a budgetary institution LA is organized in such a way as not to allow commercial, financial or other pressures to compromise impartiality. LA’s policies, processes and procedures are transparent, non-discriminatory and applied without any discrimination. LA’s impartiality policy can be accessed here.

LA accredits conformity assessment bodies and constantly monitors their performance in order to ensure required level of confidence. LA acts globally through the membership in European cooperation for accreditation (EA), International laboratory accreditation cooperation (ILAC), International accreditation forum (IAF), Forum of accreditation and licencing bodies (FALB) and their multilateral agreements in order to ensure the mutual recognition of accreditation and conformity assessment results, to facilitate international trade and protection of public interests. Quality policy and LA commitments can be accessed here.




Last updated: 21-02-2023