Complaints and Appeals

Complaint is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction, other than appeal, by any person or organization, to an accreditation body, relating to the activities of that accreditation body or of an accredited conformity assessment body, where response is expected.

LA is responsible for collection and validation of all the information necessary to approve a complaint, as well as for decisions of the complaint handling. Where complaint is related to CAB activities, it shall be conveyed to the related CAB that has to examine the complaint within the time period set by LA and submit conclusions to LA. Complaints are handled within 20 working days from the day of receipt. The complaint handling term can be extended for up to 20 working days if its handling is related with constitution a commission, organization of a meeting or other organizational means. The complainant is notified about the reasons for extension of complaint handling term. LA gives formal notice of the end and the results of the complaints–handling process to the complainant. All complaints are registered and all complaint handling related records are tracked, including a cause / extent analysis (whenever relevant) and actions undertaken to resolve them.

Appeal is defined as a request by conformity assessment body for reconsideration of any adverse accreditation decision related to its desired accreditation status.

The process of receiving, assessing and decision making on CAB appeals regarding adverse decisions of LA related to accreditation shall be carried out in accordance with procedure SK-P-01-00. Appeals shall be examined by the Appeal Commission that shall be formed each time when an appeal is received. 

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Last updated: 21-02-2023